Commission Structure 

No two homes or situations are the same so we will structure the commission as we all agree on.  Sometimes, if a seller is looking for a quick sale, we may consider adding a "bonus" for selling real estate agent.  However, if you call us to simply assist you with paperwork and no other Realtor is involved, we will ask for a lower commission.


Commission Structure

6% We do not get the full "6" % most of the time.  We usually split it between us and the "Buyer's Agent".  If there is another agent involved, we will negotiate on your behalf to achieve the highest price possible and will include our FULL marketing plan and service.

4.25% If we find the buyer for your home and there is no other agent involved.



3% This will happen if you simply need us to prepare the paperwork for you and you have found the buyer through your own resources.  We will follow through and make sure it becomes a successful closing.

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